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Girl Tries To Pass Bahamas Off As Myrtle Beach, And Twitter Roasts Her


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One thing about the internet is that lies can be really easy to tell.  They can also be easy to spot if one knows where to look.  People are always trying to take pictures and make people feel jealous and have FOMO of places they are and places people want to be.  Everything seems great in social media world, until it isn't and then you are left picking up the pieces.  There are many instances of people getting away with lies on social media and looking like heros.  But for those that get caught, working your way out of the lie can be a nightmare.  Twiter especially is a fickle beast and they don't forget easily.  They want to remind you of your mistakes and let you now that they are watching.  So a cautionary tale to all, when trying to get away with a lie on social media, always have a backup plan and be ready to explain yourself, because sometimes people just aren't having it. 

Way back in August of 2016, @CoskunEnes posted this Vine of the beautiful, clear water in the Bahamas.