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Girl Tries To Pass Bahamas Off As Myrtle Beach, And Twitter Roasts Her

Girl Tries To Pass Bahamas Off As Myrtle Beach, And Twitter Roasts Her
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12 months ago
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Way back in August of 2016, @CoskunEnes posted this Vine of the beautiful, clear water in the Bahamas.

Last Tuesday, June 27th, a poor soul named Mo made a profound error in judgement and claimed she shot the video in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

Twitter's reaction was swift and unforgiving:

People starting posting photos of the REAL Myrtle Beach:

Before long, any random photo could be from "Myrtle Beach":

Some users were pretty unapologetic in their mockery:

The original poster, @23Mullikin, claims the post was a joke:

But whether or not the original post was written in jest, once Twitter sinks its teeth into a lie, it won't let go. Replies continue to pour in, making fun of the "stolen" video:

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