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Jessica Simpson Mocks Whole Foods, And Herself, And Made Twitter Completely Nostalgic

Jessica Simpson Mocks Whole Foods, And Herself, And Made Twitter Completely Nostalgic
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1 year ago

Jessica Simpson knows that sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh at yourself. She's proving that she can with a tweet she sent out on Sunday. Recently, Whole Foods mixed up chicken and tuna and ended up having to recall hundreds of pounds of food. 

Jessica famously mixed up chicken and tuna on her 2003 reality show.


Nick, her then husband, ended up having to explain.

When Whole Foods mixed up their salad ingredients, people were quick to point out the Jessica connection. 

Carly's just faster on the GIF

Jessica got wind of the mix up. How could she not since people kept tagging her in articles about it? 

She decided to tweet out her support.

John got it!

We don't know that she made the joke before anyone else, but we love a celeb that can laugh at themselves.

We, the citizens of internet, applaud you, Jessica.

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