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Source: twitter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wore Green On TV—It Wasn’t A Smart Idea


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the newly minted White House Press Secretary, is learning a valuable lesson on the job: If you wear solid green on television, viewers may be tempted to use it as a green screen so they can superimpose hilarious images onto you. It's a lesson that anyone who has spent a considerable time on screen has learned — and more often than not, it's a lesson that is typically learned the hard way. We know it was for Sarah. Just see for yourself. As you can probably imagine, people had a field day with the situation, and really got into it. 

Like this hero, Buzzfeed's Jesse McLaren, who truly knows a thing or two when it comes to making a viral image (and, in general, pics that people, like, really, really like): 

While it was probably a bad day for Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and, if we had to guess, an even worse day for whomever she pays to dress her — someone we can only imagine has since been fired...), you will probably not be surprised to learn that it was a great day for Twitter, with the people of social media feeling incredibly grateful for both Sarah's mishap, and Jesse's creation. Check it out: 

People, like Katheryn, didn't just sit back and let the fun unfold. She took action and even made a request: "So if I wear green tonight at the rally, can you make cool movies on my shirt? Cuz you know I will." 

This guy used Sanders's dress in a practical way.

One user had a suggestion for what McLaren should include in his next clip.

Hopefully Sanders wears another green ensemble soon so we can get a sequel to this epic clip. Because, well...

Yes it is, Ryebread, yes it is.