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Source: gettyimages

Comedian Fortune Feimster Reveals Her Sarah Huckabee Sanders Costume, And Twitter Lost It


I don't know what it is about a great impersonation that captures people's imaginations so much. You'd figure human beings would want other humans to be more of themselves or the best versions of themselves and not pretend to be another person, but we have some kind of crazy fascination with excellent impersonators.

It's probably why we love and cherish so many Saturday Night Live impersonations from cast members. You've got Will Ferrell's George W. Bush, Darrel Hammond's Al Gore, Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton, and, of course, Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump.

With Saturday Night Live on hiatus for the summer, many have been missing impersonations of their favorite Trump administration members.

Enter Fortune Feimster to save the day, who decided that she would don a Sarah Huckabee Sanders outfit and pretend to be the brazen and oftentimes brutal White House Spokeswoman. She decided to save the performance for an appearance on Chelsea, which streams on Netflix.

Sanders isn't known for a having a particularly cheerful disposition, which Feimster captured amazingly well:

With a few notes, of course. Some urged Feimster to look much meaner and generally soulless:

People awaited Feimster's appearance on Chelsea with extreme excitement:

And she certainly delivered, just check it out her and tell me this isn't a dead ringer for Huckabee Sanders:

Twitter applauded the performance, calling it "awesome":

Job well done, Feimster, you really captured the essence of Sarah:

Pretty good work from Feimster. It would be awesome to see her and Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer in a piece together playing their respective political counterparts. Maybe Spicey getting a little upset over the fact that Huckabee Sanders took his job? The possibilities are limitless.

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