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Newsweek Slams President Trump With Brutal New Cover, And People Love It

Newsweek Slams President Trump With Brutal New Cover, And People Love It
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10 months ago

Newsweek's newest cover may look like a fake cover meant to poke fun at Donald Trump, but we assure you it's very real. Apparently, we aren't the only ones who were surprised by the brazen artwork. 

The magazine dubs Trump "Lazy Boy" and the art shows him seated in a recliner with a lap full of Cheetos. His phone rests on his thigh, lit up as if he were in the middle of using it. Trump is depicted holding a remote control and a can of Diet Coke, with a McDonald's bag tucked under his elbow. Trash can be seen in the lower right. Written at Donald's feet is the following:

"Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how bad he'd feel if he did any work." 

Twitter, as expected, rushed to share their opinions.

Trina has a prediction.

Political commentator Ana Navarro referenced Trump's habit of framing and hanging magazine covers that mention him. 

  Newsweek's ribbing didn't stop at the cover itself. They shared a tweet promoting the cover story - a tweet in which they referred to Trump as "America's boy king."

Check that fancy GIF action. 

The shadiest shade.

The cover has Gina worried.

Of course, lots of people were displeased with the cover.

This person tweeted about it and included a cover of her own. 

People have predicted that Trump will call Newsweek "fake news" when he sees the cover (he's on vacation right now) but they don't have to wait that long.

His supporters are already doing it. 

Even people who don't like Trump are questioning whether the cover may have gone too far.

But for others, the savagery is what they love most about it. 

Share your thoughts: do you think the cover went too far or are you loving it as-is?

H/T: Hollywood Reporter, Twitter

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