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Sean Spicer Turns Down ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Because He Has A New Job Already



It's been a little more than a fortnight since Sean Spicer resigned and we already miss his antics.

Well...  Some of his antics.  Or maybe we just miss Melissa McCarthy.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn't have an easy job. He had to answer questions from journalists every day about his boss — the President of the United States — and all of the drama that has been pouring out of his administration. But (though he looked stressed out right up until his resignation) Spicer did cover for all those things. He tried, anyway. 

The producers of Dancing With The Stars thought the American public might miss Spicer enough to offer him a position on the show.

Spicer turned them down. What could he possibly be thinking!? We really wish he'd reconsider.

Sources told TMZ that Spicer was flattered by the opportunity, but cited an "overwhelming number of commitments in the Fall" when asked why he declined the offer.

Spicer is on some sort of redemption tour, which means he is subjecting himself to public questions again. In fact, Spicer's already found a new job. Reportedly, he's accepted an offer from D.C. law firm Williams & Connolly which has represented numerous television personalities, as well as politicians and former presidents. The firm will represent him in negotiations for television and speaking appearances. A book deal might even be on the table. "Having legal representation for such deals is also important," writes Uproxx's Meghan O'Dea, "so that there are no conflicts of interest between his appearances and his past work for the White House."

We really hope Sean reconsiders. Think of the memes we could have! He's really doing his fans a disservice by not at least considering the possibilities. 

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