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‘Squiggly Lips’ Is The Newest Makeup Trend That Has Twitter In An Uproar


It seems like every single day there's a new makeup trend that's out and getting people all sorts of riled up. Whether it's mermaid hair or eyelashes, ombre fingernails, moss-and-nature themed eyeshadow, people are coming up with all sorts of creative and oftentimes crazy ways of representing themselves.

While some people go gaga for these makeup trends, there are some fashion and beauty trends that fall out of fashion just as quickly and rightfully so. Remember frosted tips? Or how about when everyone in the '80s was rocking blazers with high shoulder pads that made them either look like linebackers or military commanders in ceremonial garb.

Now there's a new trend that Twitter's loving to hate on right now, and if I'm being perfectly honest, I'd say that their indignation is totally justified.

The squiggly makeup craze is blowing up, and Twitter users are ripping it to shreds: