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Woman's Savage, Never-Ending Revenge Against Her Ex Has The Internet In Stitches

By Chad Burris

We'd all like to think that we'd be forgiving and nice to our ex after a relationship ends, even if we had a huge falling out with them. Even if they hurt us immeasurably and deep down inside we not only want to see them fail in their next relationship, but just end up unhappy. We know that somewhere, deep down inside, we want them to never truly be happy again. It feels good to indulge those bad feelings. It shouldn't, because that's a super cheap feeling and one that we shouldn't indulge in, but when things run their course, there's this either/or dilemma:

When a relationship ends, the parties involved usually have two options: move on maturely or create a brilliant revenge strategy to give their ex hell. 

One heroic woman decided to take the latter path and her method of revenge is hilariously brilliant. 

Daniel Jones revealed it all on Twitter: