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Man Receives Strange Texts From Unknown Number, And The Internet Can’t Even

Man Receives Strange Texts From Unknown Number, And The Internet Can’t Even
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10 months ago

Noah Paul, a 15-year-old from Oklahoma, received a mysteriously juicy text on Monday afternoon from someone who identified herself as "Helen."

And things quickly got heated.

Paul shared the text on Twitter, and people were entranced:

It plays like a scene right out of one of the Real Housewives shows. Whoever this "Helen" is, she is catty. And "Christi" better watch her back. And probably "Brittney" too, for that matter.

But what exactly did she do?

Twitter was obsessed:

And they wanted Paul to add fuel to the already-raging fire:

There were some pretty apt comparisons:

But wait. It gets better.

Paul then received a second text 3 hours later:

Hold up. Brittney and Caitlin are teenagers?? That was unexpected.

Twitter was shocked:

But before things could get out of control, there was another plot twist: turns out, Helen, Christi and their out-of-control daughters don't exist. Paul had been pranked.

"The night before, I went to a football game and I made a bunch of new friends," he told Buzzfeed News. "I found out those friends gave another friend of mine my cell phone number without my knowledge."

Even though it was all a prank, Paul wasn't upset. "It doesn't really matter that it wasn't a real person, in my opinion," he said. "I'm glad people got some laughs out of it, I sure did!"

Well played, pranksters. Well played.

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