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ESPN Sideline Reporter Makes Awkward Announcement, And Sports Fans Almost Lost It

ESPN Sideline Reporter Makes Awkward Announcement, And Sports Fans Almost Lost It
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9 months ago

The best part of this week's Monday Night Football wasn't the football. It was, in fact, first time sideline correspondent Sergio Dipp, whose awkward, obviously flustered commentary has skyrocketed him into all our hearts. The clip of Sergio, like a great episode of The Office, is so awkward that you love it unconditionally. Don't believe me?

Take a look:

Dipp was clearly a little bit nervous:

No offense to Rex Ryan:

People can't wait for Sergio's next sideline report:

Has Dipp dethroned Bone?

Dipp's fame is going to change the way we live forever:

ESPN knows EXACTLY what they're doing:

Sergio is still learning about his new life, but we have no doubt he'll take to it with gusto:

Sergio actually has a pretty great story, watch him below. 

He's clearly very moved by the whole experience.

Couldn't agree more:

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