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Man’s Sarcastic Last Words Before Being Hanged Emerge Online, And People Can’t Even



Daniel Summers, self-described "medicine & health columnist" and "cranky pediatrician," recently found religion.

He found his patron saint, anyway:

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Here's Klaas Meijer's original tweet, which reference the last words of Marquis de Favras — which he declared after his death sentence was read back in 1790. He was ahead of his time with the Twitter-ready comeback, simply declaring, "I see that you have made three spelling mistakes," before being hanged. 

A little history lesson, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Thomas de Mahy, marquis de Favras (March 26, 1744 – February 19, 1790) was a French aristocrat and supporter of the House of Bourbon during the French Revolution. Often seen as a martyr of the Royalist cause, Favras was executed for his part in planning against the people of France and is known for saying 'I see that you have made three spelling mistakes' upon reading his death certificate.

Ring any bells? No? 

Well, old Thomas got some newfound respect on Twitter, because spelling is serious business. As many people noted, it was the "perfect petty hill to die on" — literally, in this case. Another pointed out that he likely would not have been able to withstand Twitter, where both spelling and facts pretty much go to die. 

Summers chimed back in: "I pray for the grace to be that ice cold in the last minutes of my life." Don't we all? At least deep down? Where it's safe to admit?

And Twitter learned about another badass: Giles Corey. 

Summers heard from the "well, actually" crowd:

So he clarified his intentions:

And he summed up the unexpectedly epic thread nicely:

Maybe Thomas wasn't such a great guy IRL, but for spelling geeks? He's our jam.

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