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Source: Instagram

This Man's Brutally Honest Charts About Life Have The Internet Saying 'Same'


Instagram has become a strange place, where people use it to do some really odd stuff. I mean how many pet owners have an Instagram for their pets? It's a lot. Some use Instagram to document their lives, some promote their wares, some track their workouts. By wares we're definitely talking about diet teas. Seriously who buys that stuff at this point??

And some post charts. It may sound boring but this one is definitely one that breaks the mold. It tackles the mundane day to day issues many of us never really think about. How long will chap stick last? How many doctors appointments can you fit into one week? Or our personal favorite -- what is our Saturday night actually going to look like as we panic to do something meaningful? These are life's important answers and people are here to help us with them.

Well, one guy at least.    

Instagram user @mattsurelee decided to make a unique chart per day and post them on Instagram. And we are so here for them.

I mean...right!???