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Source: pixabay

Chill Hippo Calmly Walks Out Of Zoo's Front Gates, Becomes Internet Hero


A hippo living at Israel's Central Safari Zoo strolled out the front gate like a boss and it's sublime. Nobody is quite sure how it managed to get out in the first place, but think someone left its enclosure open, allowing it to waltz out nonchalantly. If you're wondering why nobody stopped the animal on its way out, that's a good question too, but hippos can be pretty dangerous so it's probably advisable to let them do their thing.

Anyway, it all worked out for the best anyway because she decided, after snacking on some grass for a while, that she'd rather go back to where she came from. I guess the grass wasn't greener on the other side!

Thankfully, nobody was in danger since the park was closed at the time. Otherwise, it could've been a bad situation. While hippos seem sweet and docile they're actually considered one of the most dangerous large animals on earth, and they're said to be responsible for more than 500 human deaths every year in their native Africa. However, no formal data or study backs up this claim, so maybe the reports of their savagery have been greatly exaggerated. 

Whether this was a narrowly avoided animal attack or just the cute "animals do the darnedest things" story it appears to be, the internet is living for this fugitive. Check out the reactions in Israel and around the world.