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Source: gettyimages

Woman Shares Photo Of Room Where Cat Is Hiding, And Twitter Played Hide And Seek


Who has every had a hard time finding their cat? The little fur balls are experts at eluding us whenever they want. Basically on demand if they want to get away from you, they'll find some way to make that happen.

BuzzFeed  writer Grace Spelman set up the perfect Where's Waldo-style game with  her cat and her Twitter followers can't get enough of it. The little white cat is an expert at hiding from her human. Seriously this cat is a ninja. Which isn't surprising as felines are experts in the art of deception. I mean they somehow convinced humans to house and feed them for thousands of years. They don't have to do anything, they have their human servants to do that for them. Just look cute and put on the charm and you're basically set for life as a cat. 

This cat takes sneaky to new heights though. Can you spot where he might be hiding? It's a lot harder than it sounds.

Spelman has been tweeting daily "Find Pierogi" pics for several months now.