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Man Shares Awkward Photo Of President Trump At Turkey Pardoning--And We Can't Stop Laughing


On Tuesday, Donald Trump held that bizarre annual pre-Thanksgiving tradition that is the pardoning of the turkey. No one is quite sure why Presidents still do this but it's become so common it's just tradition at this point. Maybe it's the guilt of how many turkeys die each Thanksgiving. It's in the millions in case you were curious. Pardoning one or two like happened this year is the least they can do right? We'll sleep just a little better each night knowing we were able to save a couple here and there. 

Unfortunately for Trump -- he's not the most graceful person. This often leads to many PR blunders on Twitter and especially when he's out in public making appearances. This year did not let us down and in true fashion gave us a viral hit.

David Mack, a writer for Buzzfeed News, made the event way more entertaining when he posted this photo on Twitter of President Trumps turkey Pardoning.: