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Source: youtube

'Sesame Street' Just Did A Parody Of 'Stranger Things' And It's As Fantastic As You'd Expect

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

The creative geniuses over at Sesame Street are at it again, this time with a parody of Netflix's runaway hit Stranger Things. In this version, the gang deals with a Cookiegorgon who comes from the "Snackside Down" and learns a lesson about sharing. 

It isn't the first time Sesame Street has found a way to poke fun at another show. They've been notorious in their amazing 60 year run for never being bashful to find creative ways to include modern references into their bits. It not only helps keep things fresh -- it's a nice breakaway for the adults who also watch the show with thier kids. Hey it's nice that they're looking out for us right?

And now... Sharing Things has taken over the internet:

People can't contain their excitement over this mashup of two of their favorite things. Who would have ever have expected Oscar and Stranger Things to cross over? It's pretty amazing how on point it is. Eleven would approve.