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Library Sign Banning Max The Cat Goes Viral, And We Have So Many Questions

Library Sign Banning Max The Cat Goes Viral, And We Have So Many Questions
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Updated 7 months ago

Meet Max the cat, who has taken over the Internet:

Love this photo of Max 💕...thanks to @russiansnowqueen #ilovemycat #gingercat #kittylove

A post shared by Max the Cat and Gracie (@cool_cat_max_and_gracie) on

It seems no one puts Max in a corner. He's a wanderer and won't be held back. He's a lone wolf, a rebel, and, apparently, a book worm.

Unfortunately, Max wandered into the wrong building (multiple times) and got himself banned from a Minnesota library, but like many bad boys, he has found Internet fame.

It all started with a single tweet:

Of course, the next step after achieving Internet fame is to publish a book. And hey, the people want what the people want!

This Twitter hero jumped on the opportunity to fulfill the public's craving for more:

Still it wasn't enough to fulfill the public's curiosity for all things Max:

The good folks at Macalester College library tried their best to give the people the answers they wanted...

Max's growing fan base quickly started brainstorming ideas for how to get him into the library. One person even made Max a library card. 

That should totally work!

Still others scrambled for a way around the system to allow Max to bask among the books...

Some folks took more of an anarchist approach...

Even Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed weighed in:

And Gypsy is a bit of a fan:

We will all, like Gypsy, be staying tuned to find out what happens next in the epic saga of Max the cat. 

H/T: Twitter

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