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J.K. Rowling Roasted Donald Trump In Response To His Fake 'Sweden Incident'

J.K. Rowling Roasted Donald Trump In Response To His Fake 'Sweden Incident'
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1 year ago

Donald Trump's Presidency so far has been a who's who of unverified, fishy, or just outright false claims. Which is kind of funny when you consider that he's one of the only Presidents to flat out accuse news outlets that ask him legitimate questions as being "Fake News".

Trump's been getting shut down - a lot - for the fake news his own administration has been putting out.

And although Kellyann Conway's "Bowling Green Massacre" blew up in her face when she tried quoting the non-existent incident as a terrorist attack that never happened, that hasn't stopped Trump and company from flooding the airwaves with preposterous claims of terrorist attacks.

The latest incident was Trump's claim that there was a terrorist attack that occurred in Sweden this weekend. There's just one problem: it never happened.
The Government of Sweden even went on the record to correct Trump and lament the "upward trend in inaccurate information" that's been disseminated.
Trump's snafu caught much of Twitter's attention, like this person who joked that the tragedy Trump must've referred to was a horse named Biscuit being stuck in a well for a bit.
Something that J.K. Rowling found hilarious.
Rowling's #MakeBiscuitDryAgain hashtag kicked off, with tons of people continuing the joke.
Some journalists pointed out that although there were no terror attacks enacted in Sweden by refugees, there were indeed, attacks from Neo-Nazis against Muslims.

If that's the case then it's pretty great he's condemning attacks against Muslim Refugees and is finally shedding light on the dangerous trend in attacks by White Militants

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