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Upset Trump Voter Discovers Her House Falls On Mexico's Side Of The Border Wall

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Donald Trump supporters knew what they were getting when they voted for him. He was not in the least bit shy about espousing his racist views about immigrants, and within his first week of office he signed an executive order that initiated a "Muslim Ban," to the disgust of many. During his campaign, Trump also made a lot of promises about a wall between Mexico and the United States too, and he's trying to follow through on what promises to be both an expensive and useless undertaking. And yet, some of his supporters are very unpleasantly surprised by what that will mean for them.

CNN produced a special segment on people who are effected by any border wall construction, not just the massive one planned by Trump's administration. They talked to several people, including a very sad couple in Brownsville, who ended up getting sandwiched between a piece of the U.S. border wall and Mexico's almost ten years ago, when the government seized their land, leaving them weirdly cut off from the country. The only access to their home is through a huge government controlled gate. D’Ann and Ray Loop say they feel incredibly isolated, and in fact, they are. After a fire broke out at their house, trucks were unable to reach them because of the gate.

In addition to the Loops' tragic story, there are interviews with folks who still seem to be living mostly in a state of denial.