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Australian Rapper Dines And Dashes Directly Into The Ocean

Australian Rapper Dines And Dashes Directly Into The Ocean
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Updated 1 year ago

This story stars an aspiring Australian rapper named "2pec," so you know it's gonna be crazy. 2pec, otherwise known as Terry Peck, went for a long, luxurious meal at a restaurant in Queensland called Omeros Bros. He ordered €420 alcohol and seafood treats, including two lobster mornays and 21 oyster shooters, according to the Journal. GPN says he ate  "a whole baby octopus, two large lobsters, 21 oysters in vodka and washed the lot down with Mexican lager" which is much more colorfully descriptive, but either way, it was a lot of dead fish. When it was time to pay the bill, Terry did a runner. 

Waiters reportedly chased him from the restaurant, which is situated in a high-end area near Main Beach on Australia's Gold Coast. That was likely part of Terry's plan all along, because he went down the beach and out into the water. Then he refused to come out. 

Before we continue with this story, I'd like to share what is allegedly the music of this prodigy:

Terry refused to come out of the ocean, even when police were called. They attempted to negotiate a peaceful exit, but eventually had to go and apprehend him on jet skis. The Courier-Mail reports that when Terry was eventually fished out of the deep, he told authorities that he'd run down to the water because his friend was in labor and had called him to come get her, leaving him not time to pay the bill. “My friend was over the beach and she was having a baby on the beach,” said Peck, “Eventually police came and I went for a swim."

Terry faced Magistrate Joan White in court on Sunday, for two counts of obstructing police and one count of stealing. After being told how much he'd eaten at the restaurant, White exclaimed, "Oh God, by himself?" The magistrate eventually allowed him to post bail, as long as he stay away from the seafood restaurant and keep to his property in Labrador. Terry needs to make another appearance on May 4th. Meanwhile, he appears to be unrepentant, telling reporters outside the courthouse that the food was overpriced and undercooked.

After refusing to apologize, Terry said the restaurant should be making amends to him and that his waiter had promised to adjust the bill when he complained about the food's quality. “There was oyster shell in the oyster and he (a staff member) said he was going to take care of the bill,”said Peck, “They should be apologizing to me for the shell in the overpriced food. He said he was going to get the bill ... I told them to tell the chef it was overcooked.”

While everything 2pec did was wrong, up to and including naming himself 2pec, at least he tried using the ocean as a getaway car. That's true innovation in the field of being a scumbag.

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