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Source: MSNBC

Spicer Claims Hitler 'Was Not Using Gas On His Own People' During Press Conference

By Aimee Lutkin

Sean Spicer done did it again. Can this guy make it through one press conference without saying something either utterly hateful or completely deranged? At the White House on Tuesday he managed to do both in one comment, so he's getting more efficient at being terrible, if you ask me. 

As he explained Donald Trump's decision to bomb Syria, Spicer compared Syrian President Bashar Assad's use of chemical weapons on citizens to Hitler. You may be surprised to hear it was a comparison in Hitler's favor! "We didn't use chemical weapons in World War II" said Spicer, adding that even "someone as despicable as Hitler... didn't even sink to using chemical weapons." 

Hold up. What?

A reporter rightfully asks him to clarify what exactly he means by that, since Hitler killed millions of people in gas chambers. "I think when you come to sarin gas, there was no, he [Hitler] was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing," Spicer responded, continuing, "There was clearly....I understand your point, thank you. There was not...He brought them into the Holocaust center I understand that."