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The Internet Is Devastated That Google Blob Emojis Are No More

By Jaime Lutz

The latest version of Android is apparently going to get rid of Google's familiar blob-style emoji and replace them with circular versions, like the emoji for iOS, Twitter, and Facebook. And while I admittedly might have made fun of how Google's emoji looked like they were melting like a popsicle in the sun before, I'm finding now that I'm actually going to miss the weird little guys.

"I adore the blob emoji because they’re cute, unique, and show a lot of personality and expressiveness," wrote Natt Garun at The Verge, in a whole piece eulogizing the oft-maligned line of emoji. "It is admittedly strange how attached we can get with what’s really just a bunch of glyphs," she adds, "but the fact that they virtually represent us is why the people who love them are so crushed to see them go. Why can’t we continue to be a bunch of goofy, misfit-looking blobs?"