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Source: getty

Donald Trump Jr. Just Bullied Kathy Griffin On Twitter, And People Aren't Having It


Bullying has been a pretty hot topic over the last few years, mainly because of the existence of cyber-bullying in the social age. It used to be that victims would suffer through the school day or work day for a set number of hours, then be able to retreat to life outside of their hellhole to take a mental break. With the popularization of social media, that has changed dramatically. People that went home could now be harassed on their profiles remoting on a regular basis, and that kind of action has resulted in emotional despair to suicide. After the number of victims piled up, cyber bullying became something that popped up on everyone's radars, and when prominent figures engaged in it, they shined a light on themselves and earned the ire of everyone.

Recently, there have been a few high profile cases that have resulted in backlash against prominent social figures in our everyday lives, and that includes politicians. The days of attacking the character of someone who offered meaningful criticism rather than addressing the point made head-on are slowly coming to an end as some are beginning to find out.

Kathy Griffin, a long time Hollywood figure and veteran comedian, has found herself in a bizarre and troubling situation: she is being  incessantly bullied by President Trump and the First Family.

Donald Trump, Jr, a grown man, seemingly has nothing better to do with his time than torment Kathy Griffin on Twitter over a controversial photo depicting a beheaded President Trump.