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Source: gettyimages

Martin Shkreli Tells Reporter He Can "Do Whatever He Wants"--Lawyer Scrambles To Recover

By Brian Skellenger

It's been an eventful week for Martin Shkreli.

Shkreli, AKA "Pharma Bro," who gained notoriety for acquiring and jacking up the prices of a life-saving drug used by AIDS patients by  5,000%, officially started his trial for securities fraud on Wednesday.

It took several days to finally select impartial jurors for the trial, as many took issue with Shkreli's past actions.

people hate martin shkreli so much they haven't been able to find a single juror for his fraud trail
— Matthew Zeitlin (@MattZeitlin) June 28, 2017

Nearly 250 potential jurors were screened, with many describing Shkreli as "evil," and one even saying he has a face like "a snake."
— packergirl (@p9cker_girl) June 26, 2017