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NPR Tweeted The Declaration Of Independence And Trump Supporters Lost Their Minds


Twitter has become a hotbed of political activity lately.  I bet that when it was founded, they didn't think that it would literally be the battleground for the left and the right to air their thoughts and displeasures with one another.  It is also the perfect platform for reactionary behavior.  Something happens, a tweet gets sent, and then a storm begins to brew.  Soon, many more tweets rain in, and then before you know it, an all out war breaks out. 

How did you spend the Fourth of July? Grilling? Watching fireworks? If you're a Trump supporter, you might have spent the day raging out at NPR for tweeting the entire Declaration of Independence, which is the basis for the holiday. Most people don't know it by heart, so when it's broken up into a bazillion tweets seen out of context, you can understand why some people might not immediately recognize it: