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This Tinder Match Has Been Carrying On A Hilarious Text Courtship For 3 Years

By Jaime Lutz

Tinder can be a great or very dangerous thing.  Some people do find true love, while others are looking for anything from companionship to a one night stand.  Regardless of what you are looking for, you are sure to meet some interesting people.  While a lot of tinder relationships either end one way or another, there is some hope that not every single one necessarily has to end, romantic or not.  Twitter user Josh Avsec has been flirting with a girl on Tinder over text exchanges for three years. Really. He shared a screenshot of their exchanges, the de Beauvoir-Sartre letters of our time, on Twitter, and it's been going viral, with over 14,000 likes. People are just in disbelief.  

That's right—the early 20-somethings have been improbably busy for three years. Michelle told The Independent that her initial response was just being silly; he said that his response was "more or less [...] my way of handling a girl blowing me off. What I wasn’t expecting is her to respond once I responded a few months later. I figured it would just fade away."

But in fact, even after the joke went viral, she responded.