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Hillary Clinton Tweets Against The Transgender Military Ban

Hillary Clinton Tweets Against The Transgender Military Ban
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10 months ago

In late July, Donald Trump announced a ban in the military on transgender service people, citing the costs of medical treatment and transitions for trans people. The reality, as outlined by the Guardian, the cost of care for transgender people in the military is the smallest percentage of their healthcare budget, which is about $6.27 billion for active duty members. Healthcare costs related to transgender members is between $2.4 million to $8.4 million. For perspective, Viagra costs the military five times that.

The announcement was met with considerable backlash from civilians and military personnel, and promises to fight any decisions put in place in court from the ACLU. However, since Trump tweeted out his decision and thusly, it's probably extremely unconstitutional, the announcement had faded a bit into the background. There's a lot going on.

Then on Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the transgender ban is still on, and rules for what it will look like are being outlined. It's rumored that the Pentagon will be given six months to begin implementing the measure. Many are still fiercely opposed to the idea.

The people enraged by that include the losing presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who tweeted out her opposition by sharing the polls that indicate Trump's decision is extremely unpopular:

It's hard to know what will happen in such a chaotic administration, but if enough people serving within the military recognize the ridiculous bigotry of their Commander in Chief's ban, it may turn the tide even harder against him than he realizes.

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