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Source: Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Eric Trump Tried To Mock CNN, But They Had The Receipts


Step right up folks and take a gander because here we are in America's darkest timeline where a man who made money by dumping a bunch of his capital into legal fees to protect him from the inevitable lawsuits that occurred when he defaulted on several loans and business ideas, scammed the US government for tax money that provided his myriad bailouts and launched himself into the public by $#*!-talking on network television and pretending to be the smartest and richest guy in the room earned him the Presidency. And he isn't even doing much with the position either.

We have a President now who's biggest enemy isn't terrorists, or tackling hunger and creating jobs for citizens, but constantly opposing the journalists who simply report on what he is, and more importantly, isn't doing as commander-in-chief.

The feud between the Trump family and CNN isn't exactly new. 

When President Trump isn't tweeting #fakenews at CNN, he's reposting shady GIFs and degrading images: