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Video Of Completely Flooded Street In Key West Emerges Online

Video Of Completely Flooded Street In Key West Emerges Online
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10 months ago

Just a week after Houston, Texas, was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma is tearing through essentially all of Florida, flooding streets, buffeting homes with 100 MPH winds, and even sending down a few tornadoes, according to CNN. Conditions are extreme and many have been forced to evacuate, though it's a difficult proposition in a state that is essentially a peninsula.

One video of the extreme conditions posted by reporter and self-appointed "storm chaser" Mike Theiss has gone viral, because it appears to show a neighborhood turned into a river during a storm surge:

That's just one street corner, but it does look terrifying. According to some people who live in the neighborhood, however, that's a corner that frequently floods, though the high winds certainly aren't normal:

But videos from around the state show how dangerous it is outside for anyone caught out in Irma, like this scary clip from Miami:

Florida does see a huge number of storms, and Floridians seem to be working hard to get everyone inside and taken care of until Irma passes over the area:

Stay safe, Florida. We need you! 

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