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Miss Texas Destroyed Trump On Live TV When Asked How He Handled Charlottesville

Miss Texas Destroyed Trump On Live TV When Asked How He Handled Charlottesville
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9 months ago

When it comes to Miss America contestants and politically charged questions, their answers tend to get very vague and borderline nonsensical.

And sometimes they're just cringe-inducing.

It's hard to blame them; pageant contestants are basically trying to win a popularity contest, so, on the surface, it doesn't make sense for them to give honest answers that don't have a broad appeal. So you end up with replies that are about as interesting as most personal statements on college applications.

So when Miss Texas, Margana Wood, was asked what she thought about President Trump's comments regarding the Charlottesville Terrorist attack having "good people" on "both sides," viewers probably thought she was going to give some boring non-answer. Instead, she told the crowd what she really felt about neo-Nazism and white supremacy. And it was incredible.

What's perhaps the best part about her answer is that she didn't hesitate to give her opinion on the issue for a second. Here's her response:

"I think that the White Supremacist issue, it was very obvious that it was a terrorist attack and I think that President Donald Trump should have made a statement earlier addressing the fact and that making sure all Americans feel safe in this country that is the number one issue right now."

Although Wood didn't take home the crown for the competition, she was definitely genuine, which many people on Twitter gave her props for.

This is why you don't mess with Texas.

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