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Source: Getty

John Kelly Is Quickly Trying To Fill The Hundreds Of Vacancies In Trump's Administration

By Aimee Lutkin

White House chief of staff John Kelly has got a tough job. He is the point person for a lot of people in the mad house Donald Trump reigns over. Not only have big names in the administration seem to be resigning or getting fired every other week, there are still hundreds of staff positions that need to be filled. According to Politico, Kelly is doing his best to cram as many people as he can into jobs. It's been nine months since Trump was inaugurated, and there's seemingly still a lot of confusion over how to run the place.

One of the biggest issues about finding people to fill these positions is that they have to not only be qualified, they also can't have expressed anything negative about Trump or his administration leading up to their nomination.

As you might imagine, people like that aren't thick on the ground