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Wedding Officiant Vomits Right In The Middle Of The Bride And Groom's Vows

By Mustafa Gatollari

Weddings are presented as the most important day in people's lives. Personally, I would argue that when the Expendables 2 movie finally dropped was equally important, but that's just me. We all have our own dreams, right?

Since these ceremonies are super special, and held in such high regard, people expect them to be magical. Flowers floating everywhere. World-class photographers. DJ's who don't hold one part of a headphone to their ear while pretending to live mix the songs they're playing.

You definitely don't want anything dampening the mood and killing everyone's vibe on such a momentous occasion. We expect everything to be perfect. After all we don't spend big money on these venues just to look pretty -- we want things to go absolutely flawlessly. It's been planned for sometimes your whole life and even the smallest left out detail could lead to complete disaster. 

So needless to say people are on edge to make sure things go perfect for the couples big day...