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Source: gettyimages

Trump Just Botched His Federal Court Case With One Hasty Tweet


Life is unpredictable. Chances are that if you're reading this, you're lucky enough to have not needed to pack your life and family up into what you can hold on your person and move with no idea of where you'll all end up. For many refugees of the countless wars over the past nearly two decades, that scenario was a reality for them, and if the journey to find a place to live weren't difficult enough, knowing that others were out there doing their best to send you back to turmoil will certainly make up the difference.

Donald Trump's Muslim Ban was struck down at the start of the year. Though it doesn't always seem that way, empathy of the American people didn't allow his policy to steamroll their good will towards those who had less. People who have lost everything and everyone were treated as people, and many were able to find asylum so they could rest and decide what the next step to take was.

Unfortunately, the actions of individuals play into political rhetoric on occasion, and it's used as an opportunity to paint everyone of a particular race, religion, or from a specific region, with the same brush. The London Bridge terror attack was such an event for the US.

Donald Trump seized an opportunity to reinforce his Muslim ban in the aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack that claimed seven victims and left 48 hospitalized on Saturday night.

But the ill-advised tweet ended up being a major contradiction that did not go by unnoticed.