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Twitter Just Noticed Something Odd On Melania's Birthday Card To Donald

By Jamie Thiessen

People have always suspected that Melania Trump feels trapped in her awful marriage because of how sad she looks in a collection of photos with President Donald Trump at her side. She even refuses to hold his hand in public. Her refusal to do it has been well documented and many believe it's related to the fairly credible instances of Donald cheating on her while she was pregnant with her son. More people started to believe the theory when she refused to live in the White House until Barron Trump had finished school in New York. Remember where there's smoke, there is fire.

However, he twitter account always seems to be fairly positive in nature and rarely turns against the usual rhetoric you'd expect. Makes us wonder who actually runs it...

President Trump got a number of birthday shoutouts on Twitter this week, but none stood out more than the casual greeting he received from his wife, Melania.


Not only did she wait until a leisurely 10pm to tweet his birthday greeting, but the card she posted contained a suspicious orange smudge. Almost looks like a tear. We get it might be hard to write that to someone who has embarrassed you in every way.