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Man Posts Bikini Rule On Twitter And Women Weren't Having It


Men can certainly be pigs.  Not all men, but there are always those who are few and far between who do or say things that give women a bad taste about the whole gender.  Whether it be from upbringing or hormones or just down right disregard for anyone other than themselves, there is a lot of disgusting things that come out of mens mouths sometimes that just leave the rest of them holding their heads in shame.  The topic of bikinis and beachwear is always a hot topic when thinking about sexist men and what goes through their heads.  There is this stigma of what is beautiful and it is getting out of control.  Of course, the fashion industry does not help this with their choices of advertising and models but it is also up to people to understand for themselves and start thinking about being better and how their words and actions affect other people.  Social media has made this even harder because it gives a forum to people who used to not have one.  These thoughts used to be reserved for people who just sat home alone and wanted to make up for their depression by being mean, only they had noone to be mean to.  Now these people can really affect a persons life by being hateful and it is getting out of control.  

A man on Twitter posted a statement that encouraged women to respond in an empowering way.