Steve-O Shares Graphic Photo Of Injury From His Most Dangerous Stunt Yet


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:13 p.m. ET

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Mankind still has many questions about the nature of existence: what is dark matter? What is it like inside a black hole? How is Steve-O still alive? These questions continue to baffle even the most prominent scientists in their field. Take the Steve-O one, for instance.  To say this guy has been through the ringer would be a bit of an understatement.  He has escaped near death situations so many times for our amusement that I have basically lost count.  He recently posted this photo to Instagram which shows his body covered in painful first and second degree burns.

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What happened, Steve-O? Was it just another ordinary day of dodging full-sized fireworks, eating brick pizza ovens, or kissing active volcanos (all things I assume you've done)? No, it turns out, Steve-O got these burns while making "snow" angels in rocket engine fuel.

Steve-O told this cute little story about the stunt:

[I] put a tea cup of all this stuff on top of my head and then I just f*****g put a blanket of the s**t on the floor and f*****g laid it. I was making snow angels with rocket engine fuel.

Apparently, it’s the "grand finale" of Steve-O's upcoming comedy special, that "ties a lot of s**t together."

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Here's a video Steve-O posted telling the story!

Warning: In this video Steve-O is both shirtless and covered in burns. 

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Wow, Steve-O. You've certainly graduated from performing in the flea-market circus you worked at before hooking up with the Jackass gang. This is a whole new level. Though I suppose you've been pushing the limit for a while now. Who can say they've been locked in a bathroom snorting cocaine with Mike Tysonhosted a karaoke game showarrested for protesting Sea World, and kicked in the nuts by Sansa Stark?



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