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You've Probably Been Using Lemon Juicers Wrong This Whole Time


Juicing lemons with a handheld manual juice press can seem like an obvious process, but you might be missing a step that makes all the difference!

The common squeezing technique might look a bit like this.

You stick the half lemon into the receptacle and squeeze. It takes a bit of arm strength and bicep effort, but it works miracles. Much faster than squeezing by hand,  at least. That much is for sure. 

The diagram below, captioned "Large Stainless Steel #LemonSqueezer Lemon Juicer Press for Orange Lime and Lemons Citrus 2.4’’ inner diameter, 0.88lbs. Designed for effective extraction, this#hand-heldlemonsqueezer won't waste an ounce of juice. This #Lemonsqueezer made out of the high quality material available and will not break when squeezing. This hand polished Citrus #Juicer will not peel or rust" kind of aptly describes what the juicing process looks like. Mmmm almost time for lemonade.