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Woman Posts Photo Of Passenger’s Feet On Her Seat, And Twitter Is Horrified


Airplane travel is always interesting.  Stuffing many humans in a very confined space for long periods of time can pretty much lead to anything.  There are those people who can just fall right asleep anywhere at anytime (very jealous of these people), and then there are many others, like myself, who will never be able to sleep sitting upright and will either toss and turn for hours or just suck it up and watch movies that are sometimes good and usually bad or now that there is internet, surf the web for hours.  There are also the fun times that the planes wifi and/or tv do not work and then you are lost in your own thoughts for hours, counting down the seconds until you land.  Good times.  But, even with all of that, at least you have your seat in your little private, confined space, to do what you wish.  That is, unless a passenger around you does not hold personal space as sacred as you do.  There is always someone who puts their arm over the elbow rest, or reclines their seat way too far back, or in one particular case, does something that is pretty much unimaginable on a plane.  

Twitter user Jessie Char shared a disturbing picture of her flight on Twitter this week.

She described the scene as a "nightmare," and we'd have to agree!