'Garfield' Creator Jim Davis Finally Puts Disgusting Rumor About One 1990 Comic To Bed


Nov. 12 2018, Updated 12:02 p.m. ET

Garfield creator Jim Davis says a 1990 comic strip has been widely misunderstood, and that it does not show Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle, drinking a cup of dog semen. 

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Of course, if you've never come across this particular strange Internet rumor, we know what you're likely thinking right now: Wait, what? Explain please... Will do:

The Garfield comic, which is hailed as one of the most widely distributed and famous of all comics has appeared in newspapers all around the country. As you most likely know, it features Jon Arbuckle, his cat, Garfield, and his dog, Odie. Jon has a longtime crush on Garfield’s veterinarian, Dr. Liz Wilson.

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For years one particular strip featuring Jon and Garfield at the vet has confused diehard fans. 

For whatever reason, the predominant theory is that the strip shows Jon consuming dog semen during a routine vet check:

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Or as one lucky fan put it:

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Twitter had some questions... Namely, why is there dog semen in a comic strip and why on earth would any person — drawn or real — ever drink the dog semen?

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First of all no matter the theory... gross. 

This episode has clearly perplexed many for years, and finally, Garfield's creator Jim Davis has cleared everything up. 

In an interview, Davis explained:

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On the farm, we used to give first-calf heifers a high protein supplement to help them deliver healthier calves. This supplement was provided by our vet. I assumed that there would be a similar supplement for dogs. So Jon is drinking a protein-enriched drink formulated for a pregnant dog.

So good ole Jon took it upon himself to partake in what he innocently believed was coffee and it turned out to be hormones for dogs? Still unpleasant to think about but better than the alternative theory. 

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One of life's great mysteries solved! Now, where is Hoffa? 


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