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Source: Untitled Goose Game, Universal

Can't Find a Halloween Costume? Dress up as Your Favorite Meme


There is no denying that Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays, but I'll be honest, it stresses the f--k out of me. What will I do to celebrate on Halloween night? And, most importantly, what will I dress up as?

If finding the perfect costume gives you anxiety too, you'll be eternally grateful for these 2019 meme costumes — they're #relevant, easy, and they're basically guaranteed to make all your friends LOL.

1. Area 51

Source: Twitter

Whether you decide to dress up as an alien, an alien hunter, or the entire state of Nevada, Area 51 was basically a big meme fest that nobody will ever forget. 

I, personally, am a big fan of this alien costume on Amazon, which makes you look like you're being abducted by an alien. Maybe try to sport some patriot makeup and carry a sign with you, to make it seem more relevant to the 2019 "raid." Regardless of what you decide to do, though, I know it'll be great.