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20 of the Coolest 3D-Printed Objects Ever Made



There's no denying that 3D printing technology is really cool. You can design something on a computer, and a printer will spit it out in usable, 3D form. That's totally crazy if you think about it. The items in this list are the most amazing 3D objects we've seen. Some are more "useful" than others, but they are all totally impressive.


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How amazing would it be to see your unborn child on an ultrasound and then actually be able to feel their features with your hands? This would be particularly beneficial for blind parents who can't see traditional ultrasounds.

Leg cast

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Not only is does this leg cast look super cool, almost like a superhero costume, but it's also so much easier for the patient than a traditional cast. You can even shower while wearing it!

T-rex shower head

Source: Reddit

Speaking of showers, this T-rex shower head is everything. Is there a medical or practical reason for it to exist? Not exactly. Should it be widely distributed to everyone who wants one? Absolutely.

Cake topper

Source: Reddit

This incredible wedding cake topper is so weirdly accurate to the guys getting married that it's sort of a little creepy. I mean, the hair cuts are like, way too precise. The guy's bowtie is slightly tilted. The creases and folds in the jacket are way too realistic. This is amazing.


Source: Reddit

This person 3D-printed their son's brain using data from his MRI. So that model is extremely accurate. I almost don't want to say this because it's super weird...but it looks like a delicious cake, and I kind of want to eat it. Just me? Cool. Cool cool cool.

Toucan beak

Source: Reddit

This poor toucan was missing part of his beak, which is I'm sure very important for gathering food and materials. So, these kind people 3D-printed him a new beak! Look how gorgeous at it. You can tell that this toucan is feeling himself with that new beak.

Prosthetic leg

Source: Reddit

Protheses have come a long, long way thanks to 3D printing. 3D-printed prosthetics are so much lighter, so much more flexible, and so much more comfortable than other types. Plus, I just have to say...they look really cool. 

Cubone corgi

Source: Instagram

Cubone is a cute as heck Pokemon, and this Cubone mask for a corgi puppy is so many levels of adorable that I can't even really take it. Pets plus funny 3D-printed masks is a winning equation every time.

Puppy walker

Source: Reddit

OK, I thought the Cubone corgi mask was the cutest thing I've seen, but I may have spoken too soon. This teeny little pup needed a walker, so his owners 3D printed him this totally badass set of wheels. There's no stopping this pup on the go. 

Drogon lamp

Source: Reddit

I thought this 3D printed lamp of the fire-breathing dragon from Game of Thrones was pretty cool, but then it turned on and woah. I didn't think I was that nerdy, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't kind of want this in my bedroom.

Door lock

Source: Reddit

This 16-year-old kid has nosy parents, so what did he do? He put his ingenious to work and made himself a 3D-printed door lock. If they could get into his room, they would realize that they have a pretty smart kid on their hands, but alas...they'll never know.


Source: Reddit

This is a giant 3D-printed replica of the famous statue of Erasmus that sits in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I bet nowhere in that big book that he's reading did Erasmus learn that someday there would be a giant, green 3D-printed version of himself. Not even the world's greatest scholar could have predicted that.

Tire rims

Source: Reddit

This is insanely cool to look at while it's sitting still. Just imagine how fascinating it will be when it's spinning in a circle. In fact, I'm a little worried that it will be distracting and hypnotic for other drivers on the road.


Source: Reddit

This 3D-printed retainer looks like it would feel really weird in your mouth. But I also can't stop looking at it. It's contoured perfectly to fit into a specific person's mouth, over every tooth. Invisalign is the thing I'm most upset didn't exist when I was a teenager. Actual braces were brutal.

War Machine cosplay

Source: Reddit

This incredibly accurate war machine cosplay outfit was made for DragonCon with a 3D printer. This legit looks like it could have come out of a Marvel movie. It's insanely impressive. It's probably super hot in that thing, but worth it. Totally worth it.

Tiny fox

Source: Reddit

If someone came up to me and asked, "Should I print the tiniest fox I can with my 3D printer?" I would say, "Why yes, of course you should. There does not have to be a reason for this other than that it will be tiny and adorable. Just do it!" And I would be correct.


Source: Getty Images

This is the 3D-printed "3Dvarius." It looks so fragile and incredible, more like a work of art than a functional instrument. Musical instruments like the violin have been made to look the same way for a long time, but there's no reason the style can't change!

Door stop

Source: Imgur

Well, this is the best idea for a door stop I've ever seen, and it's 3D-printed, which just makes it that much cooler. Between this and the Drogon lamp, soon every appliance in your house will be a 3D printed, Game of Thrones themed object.

Success kid

Source: Reddit

If you're going to make a 3D-printed meme, this is the one to make. It's like success kid is saying, "Yes! You nailed this 3D printing thing!" The fact that it's so small and yet so detailed is just like icing on this 3D-printed cake.


Source: Getty Images

Yes, that's right. This is actually 3D-printed candy from Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City. Things that are 3D-printed, insanely cool-looking, and edible definitely get my vote. We need more 3D-printed foods. I'm calling it right now. This is the wave of the future.

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