People Share Amazon's Attempts to "Hide" Their Packages from Burglars

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Mar. 22 2021, Updated 11:40 a.m. ET

If you live in a populous area, it can be a risk for packages to be dropped off right in front of your house. Unfortunately, package thieves exist. If they see a package sitting out in front of your house like a lame duck, they might just snatch it up. 

Because it's become such a problem, some delivery drivers have started trying to "hide" packages from thieves. Let's just say some are sneakier than others. One person shared the questionable hiding technique of their delivery person, and soon, others followed suit.

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Look, maybe a few rocks is enough to deter a thief driving by scanning houses for packages to steal. Still, it does look pretty silly to have a big ol' cardboard box with a few rocks on top. Twitter user Danielle McPherson shared this photo, and it went totally viral, racking up 43,000 retweets and over 415,000 likes. The comments are full of people who've experienced similar things. 

But some of them, like this package that somehow ended up on the roof, are way worse than a few pebbles tossed onto a box. Sure, no thief would be able to grab this package...but neither will the person it's meant for. I love the note. How does a package accidentally end up on someone's roof? There's a bigger story here that we're not seeing.

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When did Wheelie Bin grow arms and fingers and the ability to sign for packages? I hope this wasn't something important that actually had to be signed for. Because Wheelie Bin is not very responsible. I mean, look at him.

The person who posted this clarifies that "prickle tree" is actually a rose bush. But now they can never call it a rose bush again because prickle tree is a much better name for it.

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You've probably seen photos like this, where Amazon delivery people leave packages under the welcome mat in an effort to hide them. Unfortunately, it doesn't work if the package is any thickness above flat. Just doesn't work. In fact, I think it draws more attention to the area.

This one is even worse because they moved the mat to cover the package while it's leaning against the door. Either put the package under the mat where it sits or lean the package against the door and forget about the mat entirely. This makes zero sense!

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Maybe the strategy here was that if you spread them out all over the lawn, thieves are less likely to notice a big pile of packages. I'm not saying it was a good strategy, but it could have been the strategy.

This is probably the best one of the bunch, but it still doesn't explain why there are two tiles leaning up against the wall of a house. That alone makes the whole area suspicious.

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This person lives on a main road and was upset that the delivery person left the package peeking out like that. But it doesn't look like there's any good hid!ing place! You gotta get a fake garbage can or mailbox or something if you want them to be able to hide it.

This package was left in the yard with the dog, though that's definitely not the delivery person's fault. Did the dog chew through the packaging? Yes. Would this person have been annoyed if the package wasn't delivered because they put their dog outside? Also yes.

 Look, Amazon drivers and delivery workers for all companies have hard jobs! They're doing their best, and we should be appreciative of every attempt they make to protect our stuff. They're doing their best in a crazy time!

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