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Anti-Vaxx Politician Contracts Chickenpox, Which Is Preventable With a Vaccine


People love a good case of irony, which is probably why so many are lapping up this story about Italian politician Massimiliano Fedriga.

If you've ever gone on Facebook or looked up anything on the internet, you've probably come across a story or two about anti-vaxxers getting a healthy dose of reality. Whether it's an anti-vaxx mom who wants to know how to protect their child from a measles outbreak in their town, or a grown adult contracting a disease they'd have been protected against had they been vaccinated.

I understand there's a greater movement towards a "natural" way of living. However, human beings don't do much that's natural anymore. What other animal sets up a system of rules so convoluted? Wealth, status, fame, butt injections, cage fighting, Broadway musicals... I mean, humans are constantly going out of their ways to prove they're above the animals.

So this whole idea of "being natural" can only go so far, because I'd argue we'd be a completely dead species if we didn't constantly innovate. Imagine trying to fight off a tiger without some sort of weapon? It'd be a bloody massacre! Or living outdoors without clothes — it's just silly.

But there are still many people who believe it's necessary to come in contact with the illnesses and viruses that could easily kill or debilitate large populations of the human species.

Like Fedriga.