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Source: getty | istock

Anti-Vaxxers Are Now Refusing to Vaccinate Their Pets


Anti-vaxxers are coming under fire after people started learning that there's now a movement of pet owners who believe vaccinating their animals will cause autism.

The link between vaccines and autism has long been debunked by a variety of healthcare professionals. Despite the mountains of evidence negating the discredited study that spurred the modern anti-vaccine movement, there are people who still believe there's a link between being vaccinated and developing autism.

It seems now anti-vaxx pet owners are afraid that if they vaccinate their cute and cuddly animal friends they'll become autistic as well. Which is hugely problematic.

Vaccines are as much a necessity for lifelong animal health as they are for humans. Before they can go out into the world, they need several vaccines to protect them from various disease, primarily rabies.