Husband Repeatedly Belittles His Wife in Her Birthday Shopping Video

From putting down his wife’s special day to repeatedly spewing obscenities, this man's so-called “marriage humor” didn’t seem so funny.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jun. 21 2023, Published 2:20 p.m. ET

A husband made fun of his wife in her birthday shopping video and the internet wasn't impressed
Source: TikTok/@jenngstyle

While some married couples on social media are undoubtedly adorable, a few creators give everyone else a bad rep — especially when it comes to husbands.

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On TikTok, creator @jenngstyle (Jennifer Green) went viral when she posted a video her husband took on her birthday, and his commentary was, um, colorful, to say the least.

From belittling his wife’s special day to repeatedly spewing obscenities, his so-called “marriage humor” didn’t seem so funny. Here’s everything that went down.

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TikTok creator @jenngstyle shares video of her husband making fun of her while filming her birthday shopping video
Source: TikTok/@jenngstyle

A woman’s husband ruined her innocent birthday shopping video with rude comments.

In Jennifer’s viral video, she shared a 10-second clip of her husband making incredibly offensive comments on her birthday. The creator prefaced that she asked her partner to make a “cute video” of her to celebrate another year around the sun; however, it quickly took a dark turn.

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During the TikTok, viewers watch Jennifer carry several shopping bags as her husband trails behind her videotaping. “F------ dumbest birthday I’ve ever been a part of,” the creator’s partner grumbled.

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“She’s carrying the bags right now just for the video,” the man continued. “I’ve been carrying those f------ things all day.” Surprisingly, Jennifer didn’t seem to think her husband’s behavior was problematic, writing #marriedhumor in the caption of her video.

However, TikTok creator @salemtovar (Salem Tovar) stitched Jennifer’s video and explained why his words weren't in good fun.

A woman pointed out that women should never try to be the “cool” girlfriend.

While the comment section of Jennifer’s original video agreed that her husband’s behavior wasn't OK, the creator continued to post more videos of her partner’s disrespectful actions under the guise of a joke.

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So, in response, Salem stitched Jennifer’s viral video to unpack the concerning nature of her husband’s statements and had an honest message for all women. “You’ll never get points for being the ‘cool’ girlfriend,” the creator noted. “You only normalize disrespect.”

She continued to explain that every joke has a hint of truth behind it, meaning that Jennifer’s husband probably feels resentment toward her on some level.

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Commentors weigh in about the husband belittling his wife on her birthday shopping video
Source: TikTok/@salemtovar

“There is a major difference between roasting and poking fun at your partner,” Salem clarified. “And then straight-up just, you know, trying to ruin a cute little moment that she just wanted you to film.”

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She further explained that normalizing harmful jokes leads to daily mistreatment. Salem encouraged women to stand up for themselves rather than let rude remarks slide.

The internet had some thoughts about the birthday shopping video gone wrong.

Salem wasn’t the only individual to catch onto Jennifer’s husband’s abrasive actions. In the comment section of the creator’s original video — and her follow-up videos, for that matter — social media users couldn’t help but share their two cents about the controversial situation.

One person directly for the kill: “Yuck, get a new man! Happy Birthday!!” Others took a slightly more subtle approach: “He seems fun.”

Either way, the common consensus seemed to be the video lacked the so-called #marriagehumor it advertised. “You always know it’s gonna be toxic when it says #marriagehumor,” someone quipped.

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