Millennial Mom Says Boomers Shouldn't Talk to Kids — They "Puke Out" Toxicity "Any Chance They Get"

A millennial mom blasts boomers for talking to kids. Why is she so mad at an entire generation? Read on for the full story and form your own opinion.

Melissa Willets - Author

Nov. 7 2023, Published 12:41 p.m. ET

A millennial mom is asking so-called boomers not to talk to kids unless it's to say "hi" or comment they like a child's shoes.

An encounter at Target inspired the audacious request, with the mom going on to share that a woman she perceived to be a boomer told her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter she was pretty.

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Why was this a problem? Well, because the older woman didn't leave it there, and instead, offered up some outdated, deep thoughts no one asked for. Read on for the full story, as shared by TikTok creator @kay.n.zee.

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What went so wrong with the boomer and the millennial mom's kid?

The Target run-in with a boomer continued when the daughter, whom the mom explained didn't say anything because "she doesn't talk to people she doesn't know," remained quiet.

The TikToker thanked the woman — but she still stood there by the mom and daughter. The boomer had more compliments for the little girl, telling her she had pretty eyes.

Again, the mom said "thank you." But the small talk pursued, and then took an ugly turn.

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The boomer got in the girl's face and asked, "You don't think you're pretty?" Insert head smack here. Because, oh no she did not go there!

The child's mom informed the random stranger that indeed her daughter knows she's beautiful, but doesn't want to talk with, well, strangers.

"Why would you even plant that idea into her head?" the creator demands in her TikTok. And I'm with her up until this point. But then, she goes off the deep end if you ask me.

Indeed, the mom goes on to vent how Gen Z and millennial parents "are working so hard to break the toxic cycles of self-loathing and self-hatred that boomers instilled in them."

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Is it even worth it to point out that this woman is professing these beliefs on TikTok, a platform that instills self-loathing and self-hatred in the next generation every single day? Nah. Let's move on.

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This wasn't the only time a boomer offended this mom by talking about her daughter's beauty.

The creator, who went on to accuse boomers of puking out their outdated morals on innocent kiddos, called the encounter "annoying," but then shared another "weird thing that happened" previously.

As she related, on another occasion, a "boomer man" remarked on her child's skin color. The creator noted that her husband's family is from Bangladesh, while she is "obviously very white."

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The man commented on the toddler's gorgeous olive skin tone and asked where the father was from. The mom said she just wanted to be left alone. Fair enough. But where do commenters stand on her lofty demand to not have boomers speak to her or her offspring?

Maybe it's not that serious — hey, it's just another way to go.

Plenty of commenters were 100 percent on the mom's side and shared stories of older people who they perceived to be intrusive and annoying around their kids.

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To be fair, other commenters weighed in that sometimes older people are just trying to be nice, and may not be aware of how they come off to younger folks. And, it's worth noting that older people may be lonely, and just looking to interact with kids.

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I'd be remiss in not sharing one other person's comment about how older people not "buried in their phones" are actually good examples for today's kids.

However, not to be put in her place, the mom was back with a response: While she has no issue with simple interaction, she felt her daughter was pushed to an unhealthy place in the Target interaction.

Her final word on the issue is that women should know "that compliments are not always wanted, and that should be respected."

My final word: Well bah humbug to you, too. And yes, I have told you I'm not a millennial mom without telling you I'm not a millennial mom. I am a mom, however, with young kids.

People do talk to my toddler while we're out and about, but I don't pay that much mind to it, and feel compelled to blast an entire generation over it on social media. Maybe that's just me. And that should be respected.

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