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Source: Gordy's

Canned Pickle Juice Is Now a Thing for People Who Love Pickles a Bit Too Much


Like many things in life, you either love pickles or you hate them. But even if you hate pickles, you might still love pickle juice in the occasional cocktail. And if you're the type of person who has random cravings, you might even resort to drinking pickle juice straight from the jar. 

Let's admit it; if you claim that you haven't taken a swig from the pickle jar while no one was looking, you're lying. Drinking pickle juice straight from the source isn't ideal, though. Seeing all that debris floating around can be off-putting. 

Thankfully, one company has decided to come to our rescue. Gordy's "Fine Brine" is canned pickle juice that you won't feel bad about downing. Plus, it looks a lot classier than drinking from a giant jar.