Charmin Has a 'Forever' Toilet Roll That Can Last Up to 3 Months

At nearly three times the size of a conventional toilet-paper roll, one Forever Roll can last one person up to three months.

Mark Pygas - Author

Jun. 4 2019, Updated 8:09 a.m. ET

Source: Charmin

There's nothing worse than sitting on the toilet and realizing that you're all out of toilet roll. Especially if you're living alone. But Procter & Gamble, which owns the Charmin brand of toilet roll, may have the answer. They've created a massive roll of toilet paper that could last a single person up to three months, and they're specifically targeting it towards millennials and the elderly. 

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At nearly three times the size of a conventional toilet-paper roll, one Forever Roll can last one person up to three months if they're conservative and requires just half as much storage space as conventional rolls, a P&G executive told The Wall Street Journal

Source: Charmin
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Official advertising only boasts one month, with an ad for the Forever Roll reading: 

"Now go up to ONE MONTH before changing your roll. With Forever Roll, you can go longer between roll changes without sacrificing your comfort. It's super convenient and long-lasting, so you have one less thing to think about!" 

The P&G executive said that the massive roll was created with two types of single-person households in mind: "urban millennials and aging consumers." 

Millennials are increasingly putting off marriage till later in life, so the massive roll would ensure that you're never caught with your pants down. P&G also believes that older consumers who may have difficulty leaving the house could benefit from the Forever Roll. 

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The Forever Roll comes in two sizes: multiuser, 12 inches in diameter, and single-user, 8.7 inches in diameter. That's compared to the 5 inches of a regular roll. 

For $30, you can net yourself a Forever Roll starter kit that comes with three rolls and your choice of a free standing, screw-in, or adhesive stand. A multi-user roll will set you back $9.99, while a single-user roll costs just $5.49. 

Source: Charmin

Unsurprisingly, people who have already tried out the Forever Roll were pretty excited about the prospect of not buying toilet roll every week. 

"Absolutely love it," one user wrote. "Best idea yet. Everybody should do this. Less toilet paper center in the garbage."

"I'm lazy and it may be stupid, but it just annoys me to change the toilet paper," another commenter added. "I'm on my 12th day and have plenty left. This makes me glad and when i go into the bathroom, it makes me smile."

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