Source: © Mark Fitzpatrick / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

The Finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Award Will Bring a Smile to Your Face



Every year, the best wildlife photographers in the biz show us their funniest, quirkiest captures of animals in their element. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards just announced their finalists for 2020. These pictures are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, a much-needed thing this year! Without further ado, here are some of our favorite hilarious wildlife shots of 2020. Make sure you head to the website to cast your vote!

Source: © Kay Kotzian / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

"Are they looking? No? Good, good. They won't miss this tire anyway." I like to believe that these two baby cubs set up an elaborate Ocean's 11-style heist to steal this truck's tire just so they could play with it.

Source: © Krisztina Scheeff / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

I've never realized what a naturally concerned look puffins always have on their faces. This friend is clearly offering to carry some fish for their fellow puffin, but he clearly did a lot of hard work to get those fish and doesn't want to give any of them up.

Source: © Luis Burgueno / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

"So then I said, "If you love fish so much, why won't you marry it?"

"Dude, your breath is not good."

Source: © Marcus Westberg / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

You could be the largest, most majestic ape in the jungle and still get extremely bored sometimes. He doesn't feel like eating, he doesn't feel like sleeping, he doesn't feel like swinging from trees. What else is there to do as a gorilla?

Source: © Mark Fitzpatrick / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

While I don't think this sea turtle is actually giving us the finger, it sure looks like it. That's for all the plastic straws and other pollutants we dump in the ocean for wildlife to deal with.

Source: © Roland Kranitz / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

I would pay 50 acorns to sit in a field and watch this little chipmunk sing his heart out. This is, in fact, my new goal in life — to attend a chipmunk concert.

Source: © Jacques Poulard / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

This poor polar bear can't even with human-caused global climate change. There used to be ice for him to play and live on, and now, it's all melting. Let's do better for this polar bear, people!

Source: © Wei Ping Peng / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

When you get in the bath but you don't realize that it's been blasting boiling hot water for ten minutes... This little monkey was definitely caught by surprise.

Source: © Petr Sochman / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Talk to the talons because the parrot don't wanna hear ya. It really does get old when you're friend does nothing but say, "Polly want a cracker" all day long. You don't even have any crackers. 

Source: © Manoj Shah / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

You know when you hear a funny joke and your mom is like, "What's the joke?" and you start telling it and then slowly you both realize that it's way too inappropriate for a child to tell their mother? Yeah, I think that's what happened here.

Source: © Tim Hearn / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Imagine being a baby elephant still getting used to your giant ears and your long trunk! I bet every elephant falls on their face at least once while they're growing up.

Source: © Arthur Telle Thiemann / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

I cannot get over the very human-looking teeth that this fish has. It looks like he's welcoming you into his home,saying, "Howdy, thanks for stopping by! You can put your shoes right there next to the anemone, and then come on into the reef for some wine and cheese!"

Source: © Max Teo / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Ah yes. I also remember having "the talk" with my parents. Pretty sure that's what my face looked like too.

Source: © Tim Hearn / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Can you imagine being a bug and have those eyes, which take up about half of your body? You'd be able to see everything, which is probably good because there are probably a lot of creatures out there trying to eat you.

Source: © Charlie Davidson / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Aaaaaand he's stuck. Raccoons really are the most ridiculous little animals. They are probably the least graceful of the wild animals. But they're also the most adorable.

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