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Source: Universal Pictures

Data on the Price of a Date Night in Each State Has People Disputing the Real Cost of Romance


As The Beatles said, money can't buy me love, but it is somewhat necessary for things like wine, roses, and tickets to the movies. And if you've been to the multiplex recently, you know two tickets to the latest Marvel flick in IMAX will set you back a pretty penny. However, the cost of living varies from state to state, and that applies to everything from entertainment and dining out. 

Having been married for a few years, it's been a while since I crunched the numbers on a first date, but I expect in my state (New York), it's significantly more expensive to wine and dine a new romantic interest than it is in Des Moines, Iowa. Last year, Match.com posted data from their users about the average cost of a romantic night on the town and shared an infographic comparing the averages in each state. And, thanks to a tweet from @NinjaEconomics, the discussion got some new life on Twitter this week. 

Let's just say the conversation has been lively.